Fat Burning Furnace Food and Sample Meal Plan

When trying to lose weight, it’s very important to know what you eat — experts say that 80% of weight loss is influenced by your nutrition, much more than what you actually do in the gym. That simply means that if you eat the right kinds of food, your efforts in the gym will pay off bigger dividends. This article will discuss the right kinds of food when following the Fat Burning Furnace Diet.

Consuming too many calories means adding excess weight to the body. It doesn’t matter if it comes from extra calories in proteins, carbohydrate or fats. If calories are eaten in excess all un-used nutrients turns into fat. In order to lose 1-2 pounds every week, you actually need to create a deficit in calories of about 3500 (this number varies based on your body mass index). This is good news in that calories do not have to be cut so drastically to achieve weight loss. Attention has to be paid to the number of calories consumed in a day. So what does the Fat Burning Furnace program teach?

THE RIGHT CARBS – The right carbohydrates should come from whole wheat complex carbohydrates/ unrefined whole grain.

The right amount of protein is around .04 grams for every pound of body weight you have. For instance, if you weigh 200 pounds, then 8 grams of protein should be enough in a day.

THE RIGHT FATS – Healthy fats can be found in nuts, fish, fish oil, seeds, avocados, fax oil, flax seed, natural almond and peanut butters, and extra virgin olive oil. Dangerous fats include shortening, corn, margarine, cottonseed and soybean oils.

The right vegetables and fruits include apples, melons, bananas, and berries. Eat more dark leafy green vegetables like green beans, asparagus, lettuce, and broccoli.

Finally, make sure you drink enough water during the day. Water is very important in maintaining good health — it pretty much helps every bodily function you can think of.

EXAMPLE OF DAILY MEALS/ SNACKS WHILE USING FBF: Breakfast – High fiber whole grain cereal with skim milk, Lunch – Chicken sandwich with whole grain bun with green beans, Snack – Apples and nuts, Dinner – Healthy stir-fry with brown rice, Snack – Oranges with cottage cheese.

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