How to be a healthy person

Even if we have the best intentions, the goals that we set to improve health (then the last piece of pizza, detoxic reviews ) sometimes get lost. It can be difficult to stay motivated, or even correctly informed, because the recommendations for being eaten and how long can be confusing and contradictory. (Fat, for example, was on the menu for many years under official supervision that consuming lard fattening, and now, tips thrown out into the street.) As a result, a really healthy behavior can have a difficult time cutting through the noise. Despite everything we know about the health benefits of exercise, recent studies have shown that 43% of working adults do not often do it.

It is even more useful to receive a valuable goal, and many experts in the field of exercise, health and nutrition have a  Prime Skin Cream clear idea of ​​how to get there. Here are some of the low levels of stress, naked minimal ways to become a healthy person, even for those of us who like to eat and press the repeat.

How to eat
Healthy eating does not have to be a game in the number of nutrients. And no: you do not have to go vegan or take a Paleo diet. Just make sure your sheet contains more than two different colors, says Nikbin Simin Мейдани, director of Jean Mayer МСХ human nutrition research center on aging at Tufts University. “If it’s not like that, it’s boring and does not meet your nutritional requirements,” he says. “If it’s green and red and brown, you can.”

After tinting the plate, make sure you consume it and enjoy it – with someone else. “Having a meal together with friends and family influences our health and aging and pace as we age,” he says.

Some countries, like Brazil, follow this advice. Their government recommends eating natural products, avoiding recycling and lunch with other people. How to exercise

Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) recommends that American adults have two hours and 30 minutes of moderate aerobic intensity every week, plus some muscle strengthening on the site.

Many people do not. A 2015 study published in bmj claim that older people, especially that it is difficult to meet state advice. “It becomes inactive to people a little physical activity, even if they do not comply with the recommendations, can provide a greater increase in public health,” – wrote the study author Philip de Soto Barreto, a researcher at the university hospital in Toulouse, in a newspaper.How to eat

But new evidence shows that they do not have to. Barreto indicates that a study of over 250,000 elderly people found that they receive less than an hour of moderate physical activity a week associated with a 15% drop in death, which means that people use even a small amount of physical exercise. Studies have also shown significant health benefits for simple exercise like walking.

Emphasizing at the government meeting the digits – or the nutritional value of the amount of exercise minutes – can not cost a headache. Some exercises, every week and eat colorful dishes with friends can be an enjoyable way to live a healthier life. Doing something seems to be important.

Some researchers see how low people can go when it comes to time spent at work. Enter in one minute of training, where you work as hard as you can in 60 seconds, with a certain warm-up and cooling exercises they have also plotted. Although the minimum delivery time, it must be difficult, and it is shown to improve health and fitness. “There may be a time of effective ways to get a good physical condition,” says Martin Gibala, a kinesiology faculty at Mcmaster University in Canada. “The idea of ​​meeting people in the middle of positive – but there is no free dinners.”

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